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Our expertise in the field helps us deliver impeccable services at top notch quality for all our clients.


We have a highly experienced team vetted through stringent process to render superior services.


We know that each client is different. Hence, we create tailor made solutions that meet the needs of the clients.


With an extensive quality assurance system having multiple quality checking system, we always guarantee best of services.


As we cater to clients of all sizes from small and medium to large, we offer economic services that clients can afford.


We have 24×7 customer support clients to address the concerns that clients might have before, during and after the project.


Abhimo Technologies understand that businesses need digital solutions and technology infrastructure in today’s technology-driven world. However, most of the times, businesses may not have adequate knowledge and technical know-how about their own needs. This is where our digital consulting services come into play. Our dedicated team of digital experts will carry out extensive analyses about your technology needs based on the scope of the services that you offer. Our analysis will also take into account your projected growth to also give enough room for the system to accommodate future businesses as well. Once the analysis is carried out, we will help you find the best digital solutions that you need.

At Abhimo Technologies, we have a highly experienced team that has extensive technical acumen to understand, evaluate and scrutinize the needs of your business. As we have catered to the digital consultancy requirements of numerous clients over the years, we know how the needs of the clients must be approached to render the best services. Not only would we help you find out about the infrastructural requirements and its scope, but we will help find them in the market. Our software development team will create adept solutions needed by the clients, as well. In addition, we also have trained and qualified professionals who will help you with the installation of the systems and solutions.

A client-centric digital consultation company, we offer superior quality and comprehensive services to all our clients that range from assessing the needs of the clients to finding the best provider to offer it as well installing the same. This comprehensive approach and all-inclusive service deliverance are what made us one of the best in the business. As we offer all of these services at highly affordable rates, we are an instantly respected and renowned name in the industry.

In order to know about our service offerings and/or discuss a project,talk to our client help desk.


At Abhimo, we design and develop ERP-based and Fixed Asset management software solutions according to the specific needs of the clients. Our extensive software development services include solutions for capital, fixed asset and inventory management to make sure optimum resource utilization and returns. Our software development services ensure that the clients are able to leverage the possibilities of the latest technology so that they can take care of their business functions and operation in the most suitable way to add value to their business.

Our team of experienced software development professionals understand what the requirements of the clients are, and they deliver services accordingly. This bespoke approach that we adopt with each project is what makes us one of the best software solutions companies in the market. We realize that there are many banking service providers who do not have the best of resources to manage their businesses and the financial challenges that come with it. This is also why we offer Capital Asset Management Solution, which is our flagship product.

Capital Asset Management Solution

The solution is developed aiming at banking companies to make their business operations streamlined and smoother with reducing paper work. It also has extensive provisions to manage the assets of the business and effectively utilize the resources for better and constant returns for the business.

• It helps mark assets as movable and/or immovable

• Has provisions for disposals management

• Transfer the assets with one click

• Automatic account posting

• Tailor-made reporting engine

• Easy to integrate with existing core banking program

In addition to the flagship product that we offer, we also develop a plethora of fintech programs needed by businesses operating in the field of finance and banking.

If you wish to know more about Capital Asset Management Solution and our software development services for a new project,please talk to us, now.


Our experience that spans decades in the financial and banking industry has helped us understand that most institutions need outsourcing services from time to time. Especially during the times of festivals and seasons, businesses need additional staff to carry out a variety of data entry tasks on time. Most banking and finance institutions will often have shortage of staff to carry out these jobs. This is where the digital outsourcing services of Abhimo Technologies come into play.

We have a large team of experience and high-quality data entry workforce that can meet the requirements of the clients quite effectively. As our teams are always at work with one client or another, they are expert at the work they do. We also have adequate technical infrastructure to meet the challenges of our clients. In addition to having a team of skilled workers, we also have various quality assurance systems in place to ensure that the clients’ quality expectations are always met. While one may be able to find a variety of outsourcing companies in the market, the domain expertise and technical infrastructure are the two most important elements that make us the best in the business.

Our data entry outsourcing services are also contractual and highly scalable. As per the needs and requirements of the clients, the same can be cancelled at any time. Since the services that we offer are scalable and flexible, according to the growing and diminishing demands of the business, the services can also be adjusted as needed. This flexibility can certainly offer maximum value to the investments that the clients make with us. As we have been working in the field for years offering extensive services to our clients, we also understand what our clients need and how effectively they need it.

If you are looking for an experienced and professional company to outsource data entry requirement, we are the best in the business.